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Sales Audits

Sales audits are the core of MASON's services. In fact, our reputation is known for providing the most diligent approach to audits in the industry. It is our objective to conduct fair and equitable audits of tenants' sales for purposes of determining accuracy of reported sales and payment of percentage rent. Our firm enjoys a national recognition as a diligent and aggressive firm which is further illustrated by being selected as the exclusive audit firm representing Simon Property Group for 2008. During the course of that assignment, our firm was assigned more than 2,900 audits and retained the responsibility of the input of audit findings directly into Simon's CTI financial system and uploading of our documentation to their electronic library.

MASON’s staff is tough and determined, while respecting the tenant/landlord business relationship. We utilize proprietary and proven techniques that no other auditor firm uses, many of which come from our team’s unique experience with tenants. Both MASON’s president and members of his staff have worked for large corporations in their sales audit departments, so we know how tenants operate and react. It’s an inside track that gives the landlord a unique advantage.

We provide the perfect mix of legal, accounting, retail and landlord experience, helping us reach our goal to present our client with the highest defensible numbers in validating a tenant’s report.

When disputes do arise, MASON is experienced in methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, and we can assist our clients in the most efficient resolution possible.

MASON Sales Audits

Here’s what MASON can do for you:

  • Provide the most diligent approach to audits in the industry, while respecting the important tenant/landlord business relationship.
  • Present the highest defensible sales number in validating a tenant’s sales report, creating a revenue stream you can trust.
  • Offer various levels of service from standard audits to a full-service audit program. We pioneered the complete ousourced audit program, so you can rely on MASON from start to finish. We will notice and audit tenants, upload audited sales in compliance with your system, and bill your tenants, saving you time and money.
  • Provide access to SAMS, our proprietary online reporting tool, so you can conveniently check your audit status, access reports, review tenant history and print/forward any audit findings 24/7.
  • Assist your legal department in lease interpretation issues and the support of our findings. We’ll also work proactively to provide improved language for future leases.
  • Assist your collections departments to help increase collection rates.
  • Provide professional Pro-Seminars to share our expertise and train your staff.

Why Audit?

  • Whether your tenants are near breakpoint or not, MASON can help determine accurate sales for your centers, increasing your dollars per square foot to assist in marketing and attracting investors.
  • When your tenants are over breakpoint, MASON can increase your revenue stream from percentage rent.
  • MASON can assist in terminating poor lease deals where provisions are based on sales.
  • MASON can also evaluate tenants’ requests for rent relief or termination when poor sales are at issue.

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