Established in 2001, MASON began as a unique consultation service to developers and landlords in the defense of lease audits brought by tenants. MASON soon became a respected leader in the compliance audit industry, maximizing client value through a tough, diligent approach that balances a healthy respect for the landlord/tenant relationship. We never take a cookie-cutter, fill-in-the-blank approach. Inasmuch as each lease is independently negotiated, we look closely at the data. We work hard to find even the smallest discrepancies.

Landlord Compliance Audits
Today, MASON maintains its leadership in Tenant Sales Audits, and continues the highest quality standards in CAM Audit Defense and Lease Compliance Auditing. In the end, it’s about working for our clients and presenting an audit that validates a tenant’s highest sales numbers. We’re also effective in terminating poor lease deals when such provisions are based on sales, and rebuttal of attempts by tenants to terminate or reduce rent under claims of poor sales.

Franchise Compliance Audits
We also offer compliance audits that give franchisors an unbiased review of their franchisee’s sales reports. Monitoring a franchisee is necessary for system compliance and to ensure brand protection. MASON uses the same diligent auditing skills that it uses with landlord audits to protect the franchisor’s investment and quality standards. When an audit is properly planned, communicated and executed, it’s a win/win for both sides of the table.

Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack In everything we do, we effectively combine a strong legal background for lease interpretation with the tenacious auditing skills MASON is known for. Our staff is the perfect combination of talent – encompassing retail and landlord experience alike. We work to improve our client’s revenue stream, while offering SAMS, an online reporting system that provides up-to-the-minute, 24/7 access to all your records, including reports, schedules and billing status. We are diligent, resourceful and always looking to improve our client’s revenue stream.

In 2008, we were the exclusive sales auditor of one of the top three landlord/managers in the country. In an unprecedented move, MASON handled the entire audit process from notice and audit, through entering of sales and even billing individual tenants. This full-service audit program is just one level of service we offer to our customers.

 As a leader, we have celebrated a number of Firsts:

  • First to provide landlords with an outsourced, full-service audit program.
  • First to bring a strong legal background to the auditing world, as opposed to a traditional “finance only” approach.
  • First to offer audit automation with up-to-the-minute, 24/7 access.
  • First to track deductions across entire tenant portfolios and evaluate the viability of new lease language concepts.
  • First to develop a documentation program designed to support audit conduct and compliance.
Jeff Mason, President

Jeff Mason

Brooke Harston, Auditor

Brooke Harston
Senior Auditor

Roberta Ryherd, Auditor

Roberta Ryherd

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