We provide compliance audits that give franchisors an unbiased review of their franchisee’s sales reports. Monitoring a franchisee is necessary for system compliance and to ensure brand protection. Using the same diligent auditing skills that it uses with landlord audits, MASON is able to quickly identify compliance problems to protect the franchisor’s investments and quality standards. When an audit is properly planned, communicated and executed, it’s a win/win for both sides of the table. When disputes do arise, MASON is experienced in methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution to bring a quick and efficient resolution between Franchisor and Franchisee.

Many audit settlements are predicated on a thorough reconciliation of accounts. Our staff can conduct this reconciliation, alleviating excessive additional strains on your internal resources, such as billing, accounting, collections and legal.

MASON, through its trained auditors, can:

  • Review financial records to assure proper reporting and payment
  • Review franchisee adherence to franchise agreement
  • Review compliance to laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations

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