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CAM Audit Defense

When is comes to Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees, it’s important to have an experienced CAM Audit Defense team on your side. Our staff is specifically trained to aggressively review CAM audits brought by tenants. We ask the right questions. We analyze even the smallest amounts of data. And we carefully review every detail of the lease agreement. We have proprietary and proven techniques that no other firms use, to be sure you’re protecting the revenue you deserve.

Many audit settlements are based on a thorough reconciliation of accounts. Our staff can conduct this reconciliation, alleviating excessive additional strains on your internal resources, such as billing, accounting, collections and legal.

When disputes do arise, MASON is experienced in methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution. This is particularly important during CAM audits when disputes arise quickly and can damage the business relationship. We provide the most diligent approach to CAM Audit Defense in the industry, while respecting the important tenant/landlord relationship.

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